Domain Vassiliades is amphitheatrically nestled between the mountains peaks of Troodos; facing the magnificent mount Olympus.

A new beginning that keeps alive the long tradition of the wine routes of this charismatic land, respecting the long wine tradition of Omodos.

The breathtaking scenery is completed by the elegant stone architectural style of the new winery of Domain Vassiliades “Oenou Yi” (Land of Wine), a reflection of the art and vision of the Vassiliades family, as well as the Omodos wine-making culture.

Our aim is the production and distribution of the finest taste and quality of wines to the selective, consumers of both domestic and international markets.


Beautifully aliened vineyards that lay amphitheatrically on the surrounding hillsides of Omodos, embracing the wine-producing estate of Vassiliades, “Oenou Yi”.

The contemporary winery “Oenou Yi” with the combination of high technology equipment and the ideal practices for best quality wine-making, governs the vineyards. The devotion and dedication of both the winemakers and oenologists are exemplary and entirely in line with the consistent quality of the produce. Enticing its visitors to a unique experience, they are taken on an eclectic journey into the land of Omodos.

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Elegant and classy, the “White Dry 2017” was produced by varieties which prosper in this unique microclimate of Omodos. It derives from the winery’s “Oenou Yi” owned vineyards with controlled production, respecting the land that hosts it.

“White Dry 2017” is a secret blend, relying on the “King of Cyprus Grapes”, Xinisteri. It has a pure yellow-golden colour with green shades. The aroma presents a complex bouquet of fragrances, including notes of white flowers, lemon peels and sweet aromas of exotic fruits. Α balanced taste, with velvety texture and a sweet taste that lingers on the pallet.

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The “Rose 2017”, an authentic produce of Omodos was created with passion and respect to the history and tradition of its birth-place.

Grapes of Internationally acclaimed Shiraz variety, after a 24-hour cryomaceration with the saigneé method, created the unique “Rosé 2017”. Fermented at 15-18ºC temperature under our constant care, this bold wine has a vibrant rose colour that reflects its name. It has a rich aromatic expression, characterized by the red forest fruits and the delicate floral notes; it is lush and satisfying on the palate. Its complexity and balance between sweet tannins and crisp acidity keeps the senses alert.

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The king of the Cypriot vineyards returns to the front line. A dynamic variety, where in the land of Omodos, at an altitude of 800-900 m., thrives.

The carefully cultivated vineyards and the ideal fermentation temperatures of selected yeast strains ensured “Xinisteri 2017” varies in character. A wine with a bright, light golden-yellow colour, with shades of green – where elegant fragrances of exotic and citrus fruits with white flower notes emerge. This well balanced wine reveals a dynamic body that blends perfectly with its sharpness and velvety texture. It has a long and expressive aftertaste. This native variety preserves its authentic Cypriot identity with “Xinisteri 2017”.

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