“A unique profession of Omodos’s people was the cultivation of the vine and all revolve around the juice of the vine”. Georgios Vassiliades, Christodoulos G. Vassiliades father, was a proud child of Omodos with these simple words, encapsulates and transmits the substance of the wine course, a whole village.

Omodos, the land in which the nature given generously draped in verdant mountain slopes, has been steeped for centuries in the sweat of resolute labor its inhabitants to reach to become a place synonymous with the blessed vine.

The cultivation of the vine was over time the primary concern for the people from Omodos and basic earning source. All –the life, work, leisure, and collective care– followed the pace, which gave the nature, the cycle of seasons and the corresponding evolution of the vine. Lives intertwined and interrelated, vine and man walked hand-in-hand in Omodos, a place which over time lends meaning to the wine tradition of our island.

The evino (a place that produces fine wine) Omodos happy abundance of fertile vineyards, which stretch out their roots in the dry soil of the area, enjoying the mountain sun of the Mediterranean. In this rare small-climate of the personality of the wine is starting to develop already from the vineyard and bring the seal of the. Apart from these, the wine-grower is one who plays a key role in the success of the crop, after the crop implies relationship and relationship means sharing feelings.

Most powerful ally of Omodos vine has, over time, the industrious and progressive Omodos’s inhabitants, that they tied their hooves with the soil of the vineyards and irrigated with toil “kouzoupes” (vine roots) of the vines, expecting at each harvest to see in front of them to life the miracle of nature. At the end of each summer the vineyard, satiated from the daily care that is given, returns the favor with fruit – sometimes golden-green and other purple – the dedication of the growers, giving them generously blessed grape and later the excellent wine.

In this long wine tradition of the place, George Vassiliades, wine grower, with a gentle soul and exemplary consistency, has arrived to grow old next to the vines. Having a huge wine-growing heritage, with an enlarged wine horizons and boundless love, he cultivated mother earth, which proudly bequeathed from their ancestors. A unique man, different from todays. Hardworking, humble and patriotic care for the prosperity of the village and the progress of the region.

The course of the man and the vine are parallel: “We were working on the vines and slowly we were growing up,” he says with sincerity George Vassiliades. Kneaded with the wisdom and fullness that gives the tilling of the soil, combined his life with the fertility of the vine, alongside of it and raised from it a whole family. The mother and nurse, nature, transfuse all the aesthetic values that characterize the sedulous people of Omodos viticulture, which he did every bit to discern and to experience the aesthetically nice, thus giving superior quality of life.

In the early years of the wine of course, with the vigor of youth, he threw himself eagerly to the cultivation of the vine. Being still a teenager, he longed to gather at once the whole art of the wine. Soon, however, the young George realized the rhythm of the nature is not set by the man. Thus, the forward didn’t take long to change with perseverance and the enthusiasm with stoicism. The Omodos’s grower, educated from the wisdom of nature, he mutated into a true child of the earth who raised him, and he developed the virtues of patience and diligence, ingredients necessary in the relationship of the producer with the vineyard. A relationship dynamic and bi-directional –almost erotic– where the vine is hungry to take care of the worth of the man, and he learns to respect and to tame it.

Georgios Vassiliades leans silently, is pruning the vine and waits patiently for the desired result. And then stops, turns the gaze towards the favorite of the village, on which stands proudly the bell tower of the Monastery of the Cross. There is pinning the hopes of the man of Omodos, praying in the Holy Cross to bless the vineyard and will prosper the harvest. By the end of the day, he wipes the sweat on the forehead with the upside-down palm, and waits. God gives optimism and hope to continue to fight for the arduous but blessed wine-growing of the project.

At the end, the bare branches of vines filled with heavy ripe bunches between thick, leafy green foliage and the heart of the wine-grower fills emotions. The mature grape is the desirable fruit of the labors of the. Grape by grape, bunch by bunch, wish, anticipation and longing. Infallible indicator of the effort of a society, the grapevine excels and rewards of the people of Omodos with a rich harvest fine wine, the happy ending of long-term patience, perseverance, toil, and wishes. George Vassiliades with allies of God, their family, and the gifted land, make the cross and resting while enjoying the sublimated sweet drink of grape, the dear Omodos’s wine.

The love, the care and the respect with which George Vassiliades cultivated the vine, is an enviable example of the nexus of man with his native land and at the same time on a smaller scale the excess appetite and consistency of the whole wine-growing community of Omodos. Today, the technology may limit the effort of the people, but took with her the devotion of the ordinary cultivator on his land, the joy of harvest, the sweet traditions, and the greatness of authenticity that they were hiding the old days.