On the hillside-filled vineyards of Omodos village, at an altitude fluctuating between 800 metres (Laona’s summit) and 1060 metres (Afami’s summit), “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” proudly maintains the tradition of the Mediterranean vine estate – the “ktima”.

Throughout the centuries the hardworking inhabitants of Omodos village have created a powerful earth – people bond, by taming the mountainous nature of its terroir and created a vast landscape of lush and fruitful vineyards. This bond flourished on Omodos villages’ slopes.

Today, “PLAYIA restaurant” (meaning slope in Greek) honours these very same slopes that have granted the region its charismatic terroir.

“PLAYIA restaurant” introduces its visitors to the real tastes of Cyprus by pairing contemporary Cypriot regional cuisine, with a hip, vibrant, sophisticated setting, to create a cutting-edge dining experience. For the ultimate in vine-to-table dining, thoughtfully selected wines from the “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” cellar are offered for each and every item on our menu.

Enjoy wine in its homeland through a pleasant culinary journey, indulge yourself in a unique gastronomic and wine sensation, while overlooking the evergreen vineyards of Omodos village.

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