Deriving from the blend of the international variety Syrah and the local variety Maratheftiko, the elegant and fragrant Rodambelo is made with artistry and passion, cultivated in the extensive vineyards of “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” . Rodambelo 2018 heavily draws upon the high altitude and characteristics of the unique terroir of Omodos village.

The distinctive bright rose colour is what lends this dynamic wine its name. Rodampelo 2018 has a rich aromatic expression with a sensuous fragrance of strawberry, cherry and rose petals. Initial contact with the taste buds is a stimulating experience which tickles the palate while revealing a complexity which strikes a fine balance between the astringency of its tannins and its acidity.

It can harmoniously be combined and served with seasonal salads and hearty Mediterranean cuisine, although it may be equally as appealing without a food accompaniment.

It is recommended that it be served at a temperature of 9ºC, within two years.