The warm sun of Omodos has given the vines the appropriate conditions under constant care to induce the slight over maturation of the berries thus bringing to you the medium sweet wine of “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” the “Thalero” 2017.

The word “Thalero” in the poem of Angelos Sikelianos means crisp, vigorous, youthful and full of vitality which perfectly describes the essence of this medium-sweet wine, a blend of Xinisteri and Malaga. It has a crystal-clear bright golden-yellow colour, aromas that reminiscent of clingstone peach and pineapple and a rich aristocratic taste.  It has such an aftertaste that lingers on with notes of honey and dry fig.

It blends harmoniously with spicy dishes or as dense cheese accompaniment, but is equally as appealing on its own as a desert wine.

It is recommended to be served at 8-10ºC, within two years.