Prominent historic landmark

In order to get to know Omodos, one has to walk along the picturesque, cobbled streets which lead to the heart of the village where one will encounter what is perhaps regarded as the largest square in Cyprus, covering an area of 3000 sq. metres.  Dating back to 1910, the square accommodates cafes, restaurants and traditional shops but is primarily known for and associated with what is undeniably its main distinctive feature, the Monastery of the Holy Cross, which is widely regarded as a prominent historic landmark of the village.

It stands gloriously in all its majestic appearance

Located at the top of the square, the imposing monastery stands gloriously in all its majestic appearance.  According to tradition, it is said that following a sea storm on her way back from the Holy Land, St Helena stopped over in Cyprus and was hosted by the Monastery for three days.  During her stay on the island, she visited various villages where she established churches and monasteries.  After the founding of the Monastery in Stavrovouni and the church in Tochni, Saint Helen visited the Holy Cross chapel in Omodos where she handed over a piece of rope with which the Romans crucified Christ, along with a piece of wood which was said to be part of the Holy Cross.

From that point on, many miracles occurred which culminated in the Monastery rapidly gaining a reputation, and being widely regarded as a major pilgrimage destination.