Xynisteri is the main white grape variety of Cyprus. Covering a large portion of the Cypriot vineyards, the variety is used to make light, refreshing white wines with vigorous fragrance. Xynisteri is also a minor player in the making of the ancient Commandaria dessert wine, which is usually dominated by the red-skinned Mavro variety.

The name ‘Xynisteri’ first appeared in 1893 by Professor P. Mouillefert, with a full description of the vine and information of its cultivation. Xynisteri is distinguished by the top of its shoots which are slightly ‘hairy’ and light green in colour. Clusters are of average size, loosely-packed, with a side cluster. Grapes are slightly ovate, average sizes, golden yellow in colour, maturing at the beginning of September.

The dry, limestone-dominant Cypriot terroir has given the variety a suitable home, and the best Xynisteri vines are planted at higher altitudes of Limassol and Paphos district where cooler temperatures enhance the quality of the grapes. In this terroir, the variety gives wines with lifted aromas of fruit and nuts, and flavours of lemon, peach, and white plum.

This native variety preserves its authentic Cypriot identity with Oenou Yi, “Xynisteri 2017”. This unique wine has a bright, light golden-yellow colour with shades of green. It is complemented by the elegant fragrance of exotic fruits and citrus, coupled with the calming aroma and flavour of white flowers. Striking a delicate balance between its sharpness and velvety texture, it has a lingering and expressive aftertaste. As a prominent native variety, “Xynisteri 2017″ fittingly reveals, preserves and accentuates its authentic Cypriot identity.

It combines well with fresh seafood or fish, but is equally as appealing without any food accompaniment.

Ιt is recommended that it be served at temperatures of 8-10ºC, within two years.